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The HJSB team

Our Mission

Healing Justice Santa Barbara aspires to uplift all Black/African Americans to affirm that they are deserving of safety, love, equity, respect, and joy. We do this with the goals of providing a Black/African American Cultural Resource Center, celebrating and funding the Arts, Public Safety, Support for Our Youth in Education, Environmental Justice and Sustainability, Outreach, and Meaningful Collaborations.

Black led &
Black centered

Formed in May 2020 in response to the de-stabilizing impacts of racism and anti-blackness, we aspire to build resilient communities for the African diaspora and other marginalized people along the Central Coast.

We understand that our collective healing and liberation is essential to creating a more equitable Santa Barbara, therefore we center, uplift, and meaningfully create space that empowers ALL Black people including; Black LGBTQ+ people, Black people with disabilities, undocumented Black people, underserved Black people and Black people that speak in African American English. In keeping with the principles of a healing justice framework, we demand that self-care be reimagined as collective investment in community care.


our team